A Challenge For The Bold & Determined

We're looking for Ninjas that are ready to take their health and fitness game to the next level.
We've built a 12-week program designed to push and challenge you unlike ever before.
Welcome to the Energy Challenge.

Will You Rise to the Challenge?

Here's What You'll Have Access To

  • ​Weekly videos exclusively on MAV3RIQ.TV highlighting fitness tips & workouts
  • ​Bodyweight and Weighted Gym Workouts with videos explaining proper form & technique
  • ​Printable PDF versions of all workouts
  • ​Weekly emails dedicated towards introducing new workouts and meal prepping recipes and techniques
  • Exclusive ​Discord channel so you are surrounded by people who are on the same 12-week journey as you to serve as motivation
  • ​Review Board for Homework: Ask for feedback on your current workout routine and get tailored advice just for you straight from coaches
  • ​Daily Checkin Accountability: Track your workout duration for the entire 12 weeks and receive a FREE shirt only given to those who make it all the way through the program
12 Weeks
They won't be easy, but we're positive you'll love the challenges. We have workouts, meal plans, and routines ready for you to dive into.

Designed For You
We designed this challenge exactly for someone like you. Driven, motivated, and ready to make a change within their health & fitness life.

Built Around Community
We're not looking for Superman. Our community will join you in the journey every step of the way. You'll grow together.

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